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Execute Functions

Execute Functions

A function changing a state requires a transaction. The transaction needs to be signed by an origin before it is added to the blockchain.

Example Conditions

Source Code

The VTHO contract's source code is available on GitHub: (opens in a new tab)

Contract address

The public VTHO contract is used. Address is identical on Test and MainNet.



Definition of the transfer that transfers VTHO to another address.

  constant: false,
  inputs: [
      name: "_to",
      type: "address"
      name: "_amount",
      type: "uint256"
  name: "transfer",
  outputs: [
      name: "success",
      type: "bool"
  payable: false,
  stateMutability: "nonpayable",
  type: "function"

Function definition

function transfer(address _to, uint256 _amount) public {}

Connex Example

const clause = connex.thor
  .asClause(address, 0);
const result = await connex.vendor
  .sign("tx", [clause])
//  .delegate(DELEGATE_URL) // only if fee delegation is used


  1. React, Connex (opens in a new tab)