How to Setup

Create Webhook

Different types of Webhooks are available with different data.

Create Contract-Event Webhook

Events are signals that are emitted from smart contracts. Every event is logged, immutable and accessable using a blockchain node only. Smart contracts can not access events themselves. Client-Applications can actively listen to events and act accordingly.

To listen for an Event, a contract address and the Event-ABI is required.

If the contract is in the Address Book, the Event can be selected:

To ensure the accuracy of data and test its quality, a transaction ID is required. The transaction id will be used to make sure that data will be found and the input works.

Define HTTP-Request

The HTTP request can be defined with the request method, endpoint URL, content type, headers, and the body to be sent.

To ensure the configuration is correct, a test request can be sent. The test will use the previously entered transaction details and send it to the the configured endpoint.

Activate Webhook

You can enable or disable webhooks in its dashboard or settings.


In the dashboard, you can find combined web hook requests and access to the request details.

The Execution Logs in the Webhooks section provide a filterable list and additional details about each execution.

The status is filterable to identify problems during processing or with the receiving backend.